Which position you are running? Can I vote for this position?

I am running for position #3. But this position is elected by ALL registered voters who live within the BSD boundary.

How can I vote for you?

First, please check the King County Election Office for your voter eligibility and if allowed, don’t forget to REGISTER. Then they will send the pamphlet and ballot to you. Check my name for Bellevue School District Director #3, personally sign your ballot, and put the ballot into one of the ballot boxes. It only takes a few minutes.

When is the election?

There are two elections. One is the primary, which is August 3, 2021. The top two candidates will compete in the general election, which is November 2, 2021. Please send your ballot before these dates!

What is the BSD boundary for vote?

Please check the BSD boundary map. It includes Bellevue, Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Yarrow Point and the Beaux Arts as well. However, a small proportion of the Lakemont neighborhood is not part of Bellevue School District. Please use this official tool to determine if you are in the BSD boundary.

I am not an American Citizen. How can I help?

If you are permanent residents (Green Card), then you can still make small-amount donations (not exceeding $1, 000) here. If you are holding an H-1B or other temporary visa, you can help by volunteering and spreading our message.

I don’t get the ballot in the end of July, what can I do?

If you do not get your ballot by the end of July, please contact the King County Election Office as soon as possible. They have excellent multi-lingual support to help you exercise your right to vote.