I am no stranger to fighting for BSD students and their families as I championed numerous initiatives. Known by many in the community as the ” School Lunch Mom“, I led a two-year campaign for a minimum of twenty minutes of seating time for lunch and “Recess Before Lunch” to ensure that children’s basic nutritional needs could be met. As a result of my advocacy work, BSD adopted a new district lunch policy and the WA state legislature introduced the school lunch bill HB1272.  

Our students, especially those with special needs, minorities, and low-income children, were hurt by the school closures. The social-emotional health of many teenagers has been jeopardized, despite BSD teachers responding quickly with remote learning.

As a frontline healthcare professional, I led my healthcare team through the COVID-19 pandemic. I am dedicated to helping BSD safely and sensibly transition back to in-person learning, and the students’ recovery academically and emotionally.

Even though the pandemic remains a real issue, it is time for us to heal as a community. Together we will collaborate with our teachers, the district, our community, the union, and families — all parties who have a vested interest in our children, to reinvigorate our extraordinary school district, preparing our students for a future where they overcame the biggest challenge of their generation.